Young Souls to be shown at Seattle International Film Festival

We are extremely pleased to announce that Dean Chalkley’s short film YOUNG SOULS will be included in the highly prestigious Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) in Washington, USA!

SIFF runs from May 17th until June 10th and is the largest and most well attended film festival in the United States with 160,000 attendees expected in 2012. SIFF is also a recognised Oscar nominating Festival in the categories of Best Short Film and Best Animated Short Film!

YOUNG SOULS’s will be screened at the SIFF’s Uptown Theatre on Sunday 27th May as apart of the ShortsFest Weekend

Here’s the 2012 Trailer for the Festival….

"The Seattle International Film Festival is a BIG DEAL!!! How amazing that Young Souls has been selected. It means a hell of a lot to me. Young Souls is now getting out there, audiences are getting a kick out of it and being turned on whether they are knowing of the culture or not. The SIFF is a highly prestigious Film Festival and the largest in the USA, so the film will reach out in a physical way as never before. Young Souls is amongst incredible company just look at the festivals programme.. I can't wait for the audience to come through the door to settle down, for the lights to dim and then to start tapping their feet and watching the story of Young Souls unfold." - Dean Chalkley (2012)

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