A busy time...

12-5-12 Almost Grown Cellar Cinema Club
Dean created this 'Happening' in the famous basement of The Royal Hotel in Southend-on-Sea Essex UK. The 'Cellar Cinema Club' was a great link up, an amalgamation of film and music on a weekend that brought thousands of Scooterists to the sunny Essex coastal town of Southend-on-Sea. 'Almost Grown' is one of Essex's foremost Mod and Soul clubs and they organized a whole 'Weekender' of club nights. Dean laced together the 'Cellar Cinema' daytime idea hooking up Almost Grown with the Southend Film Festival, securing a brilliant opportunity to screen Young Souls to Film lovers and lovers of Soul music too. It was the last event in the programme on the Southend Film Festival fringe schedule.

The happening was multi-faceted incorporating 6 exciting and different elements to stimulate all the senses… The Almost Grown Cellar Cinema Club comprised of:

1. Young Souls, screened on the hour every hour between 4pm to 8pm.

2. 'In Orbit : Periphery of Young Souls', a brand new just under 3 minute film of unseen footage taken from the edge of the Young Souls main filming.

3. 'Bodies Brut & Talc' and Odor Installation

4. '6 DJ's' playing music of the style and period. 

5. 'Scully's Car from the film Young Souls ' presented as a static display
6. 'Soulatrope' this very special never seen before installation that brings together dancing, vinyl, atmosphere and aesthetic, in a surreal manner.

Between 3pm - 8pm on Saturday 12th May 2012

The basement of the Royal Hotel became a very unique happening.

9-5-12 Radio Shows
Dean guests and then presents on 2 radio broadcasts, The Soup Sessions on Radio.Novalujon and Rob Messer's 'Soul Porridge' on Stomp Radio. 

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