The New Faces: A Short Film - now online at

Last night was the screening of Dean Chalkley's "The New Faces: A Short Film" at The Book Club, London.

For such a lively and well attended event the packed out basement of The Book Club was silent through out the 20min long film piece which delves into minds of three young British Mods captured in the enthrallment of a subculture. In the film we are privy to their refreshingly honest, personal and polarised views, rooted in the ideology of a Modernist culture. The film forms a hypnotic visual experience as well as being an incisive and engaging contemporary document. It’s also a pin point in a perennial subculture that began in the 1960’s and has evolved and lives on in this modern age. It was received last night with rapturous applause. It was a great night of people dancing and enjoying the passionately selected tunes by the film's subjects.

The film went live on today. Click Here to see it!

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"I'm really thrilled that the film is now screening on The site is an institution dedicated to forward-thinking and challenging new work." - Dean Chalkley (2012).

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  1. Just watched this and your northern film back to back. Good Saturday night double bill. Coogan's Bluff is playing on the telly in the background. Keep the faith!