The Festival is attended by 80,000 and although over 2,000 films are submitted each year only 188 films are shown and so we feel very honored that Dean Chalkley's YOUNG SOULS is among the final selection.

Cinequest is an annual independent film festival held in San Jose, California.

2012 is Cinequest's 22nd year and takes place from February 28th until March 11th.

YOUNG SOULS will be shown in the Shorts Program under "Give-and-Take" alongside 5 others.

Here is what the organisers had to say about the selections:

 "What sacrifices must one make?
No matter how it's defined, most people enjoy successes, but what we rarely reflect upon are the losses we suffer. Give-and-Take highlights the good and the bad of our endeavors. This program questions how much effort we are willing to put fourth to achieve our desire and to what lengths we are willing to go. But ultimately, these creative and inspiring shorts help us identify what we really value as individuals and determine for which ambitions we are willing to fight."

Young Souls will be shown on the following dates:
01/03/12 at 2:15 pm
06/03/12 at 4:30 pm
08/03/12 at 07:00pm

Click here to buy tickets to "Give-and-Take" Shorts Program 3 where YOUNG SOULS will be screened.

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