F2 Freelance Photographer Magazine Profile on Dean Chalkley

Vol 5 No5 Issue of Freelance Photographer's special "Moving To London Graduate Guide" features 4 double page spreads dedicated to Dean in their F2 Profile section.

"Top Music Photographer Dean Chalkley talks to David Land, about the changing nation of the industry, shooting HD video, and the importance of tangibility in achieving a cachet for your work."

The interview touches upon Dean's soon-to-be-released short "Young Souls", his love of Northern Soul music, internships and much, much more.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy you can buy it online by clicking HERE! or alternatively F2 Magazine is also available from most WH Smiths High St. branches, The Photographers Gallery Book Shop, Harrods London and other specialist photographic outlets.

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