Soul Film and Photography Project (club scene filming)

The filming side of the project will take place on 30th January in North London. This time we are planning to shoot some club scenes so we're looking for some more people to come along.

All ages are welcome, so as long as you can dance to Northern and are interested in taking part please drop us an email to:

We have to receive an email from you - so please don't just join the Group - its important!

If possible include a picture of yourself with what you might wear...even if it’s from your camera phone.

There might be a limitation on numbers so please pass your details over as soon as you can!

The result will be a short film, not be a feature film and it doesn’t set out to be the definitive story of Northern Soul you’ll be relieved to know, but it does aim to celebrate it.

Also I thought that it would be necessary to mention that this project has no outside funding, which means that Dean will be paying for the whole thing himself. Therefore what is being asked is for people to donate their time!

Amanda Ashed

Looks Agency
020 8341 4477

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