Luella's Guide to English Style

Luella Bartley has recently released a book titled Luella’s Guide to English Style. Luella chose Dean’s picture of Dizzee Rascal to feature in the book.

This charming book is a beautifully-bound, traditional, embossed hardback and is guide to the social style rituals of Britain.

The former journalist’s study is a social, anthropological one supported by photographs, illustrations and occasional diagrams (which appear as numbered plates).

The seriousness of the books exterior, along with the traditional layout, present a light hearted and humorous content which explores contemporary themes through chapters covering Tradition English “Garb”, fashion values according to class and the different Tribes of Britannia.

Dean’s picture (plate No. 33) supports Luella’s analysis of ‘Grime’ where she credits Grime artists such as Dizzee for salvaging working-class style form the chav, by injecting back into it a bit of humor and satire. The picture was taken from the front cover of Dizzee Rascal’s debut album Boy in Da Corner, which was shot by Dean.

In all the book looks beautiful and is both enlightening to the uninitiated and affirming to the familiar. A really nice read.

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